Pre-Bottling Requirements


-Winery must have a signed contract to hold their bottling dates.

-Supply sample or samples of their bottle packaging to ensure quality product.

-Must have all supplies available 2 weeks prior to bottle (bottles, corks, foils, screw caps, labels and label approval) to ensure all supplies are compatible with our machine.


Day of bottling:

Winery will provide the following for P&P Mobile Bottling on day of bottling:


-Winery will provide a minimum 5 personnel plus one forklift and operator which will include:

-One person at the drop station to drop glass

-2 people at pack off station (they will QC fill heights, labels and pack bottles into cases.)

-One person to stack completed cases onto the pallets. If using case labels Winery will provide an additional person to help stack and label case goods.

-One forklift driver to bring glass and take away completed pallets. (Must provide own forklift that will handle weight of completed pallets and surrounding terrain.)


-One-two people to foil corked bottles if Wineries capsules are not compatible with capsule dispenser provided.

-One manager/winemaker. This person must have decision authority to coordinate all bottling duties for P&PMB.

Note: All employees must wear close toed shoes. (Recommended-Sneakers, tennis shoes, boots etc.)


P&P Mobile Bottling Line is equipped with a 2-head linear labeler. The winery can do fronts and backs on one roll or have fronts and backs on a separate roll. P&PMB recommends that fronts and backs be on the same roll for small runs and for larger runs have labels on two separate rolls. It is also recommended for tapered bottles to have labels on a separate roll as well.

Rolls should be “Left Off #4 and a maximum if 10.5 inches diamters

Label Requirements:

-The minimum distance between the front and back label on the bottle cannot be less than 20mm.

-Maximum label roller diameter is 350mm. There is no minimum roller diameter, but larger diameter rolls reduce roll change outs and improve bottling efficiency.

-Core ID = 76mm.

-Base paper height = 140mm maximum; 20mm minimum.

-Distance between top and bottom of the tallest label to the edge of the base paper = 3mm minimum; 5mm maximum.


-Distance between adjacent labels on a roll = 3mm – 5mm. Advise P&PMB if distance between front and back label on the same roll will be greater than 5mm.


-Wine must be completely ready and approved by the winemaker for bottling one day prior to bottling beginning.

-Wine should not be below 60 degrees’ Fahrenheit day of bottling. If wine is below 60 degrees labels may be difficult to apply.


-The Winery shall provide a water supply with a hose bib. Water should be available within 50 feet of bottling area for P&PMB.


-Winery will provide its own nitrogen supply. This will be used for bottle de-aeration before filling and neck de-aeration before corking or screw capping. P&PMB recommends a liquid nitrogen Dewar if case production exceeds 500 cases. If case production is less than 500 cases 2-3 “K” cylinders are recommended.

Wine Delivery:

-Winery shall have a sanitized pump and hoses available for P&PMB




Power Requirements:

-Winery must provide a power source of 240v, 3 phase via a 60-amp breaker.


P&P Mobile Bottling assumes no liability and will not be held responsible for wine quality, biological stability of the wine, and will assume no liability or responsibility for winery staff and equipment to include injuries, damages or loss.